ELBERT RUSHMORE KILGOUR . . . Beloved Dad of Mary Jane Rizzella
My love for animals was instilled in me by my father. He truly was one of the kindest persons I  have ever known.  
Mary Jane Rizzella


CRAIG A. WEST . . . Beloved Son of Jean West
July 14, 1966 to November 20, 1996. Beautiful Boy . . . you departed this earth much too soon but we will cherish the wonderful memories you left for us. 
Mary Jane Rizzella


GOLDRUSH CHARLIE'S L'IL BEAR  (TEDDY) . . . Beloved Golden of  Marnie Delano
September 13, 1995 to July 26, 2005. Teddy is watching over his beloved Mom, Marnie from the Rainbow Bridge.  
Mary Jane Rizzella


FRIENDSHIP DARCY MAKENA AX AXJ CGC . . . Beloved Golden of Rochelle and Gary Lesser 
In remembrance of Darcy on her first birthday at the Rainbow Bridge. May 5, 1996 to February 12, 2006. 
Mary Jane Rizzella


MAIRA TOUJOUIRS DESIRÉE . . . Beloved Golden of Elena Scarani 
In Loving Memory of Maira Toujours Desirée Scarani. June 20, 1999 to May 5, 2006. Beloved Golden and faithful friend of Elena Scarani who departed this earth much, much too soon.  
Mary Jane Rizzella and Nora Wilcox


DEXTER CHASE STUEVE . . . Cherished 6-year-old Golden of Matt and Sara Stueve
In memory of Dexter who taught us to live with passion, love without condition, and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

PAMELA ANNE DAVENPORT . . . Beloved Daughter of Charles & Mimi Horn
March 9,1963 to November 19, 2005. With much sympathy.  
Mary Jane and Mike Rizzella


HENRY MACDONALD SYMONS BOSTDER . . . Beloved Father of Carolyn Zagami  
November 7,1928 to July 7,2006. In loving memory of Carolyn's Dad.  A great guy who could always make Carolyn smile. There will never be anyone to fill the empty spot he leaves.  
With our sympathy and love, Nora & Mary Jane


PEKAY'S PERFECT GAME (GEORGIA) . . . Beloved Golden of Patty and Kevin Kennedy
In loving memory of a Georgia peach who remained by her family's side for only five years after losing her battle with lymphoma. Yet, she lived a wonderful life, displaying a gusto and bravado that was enviable.  
With our heartfelt sympathy and love, Rochelle & Gary


JACOB . . . Jonathan Horenstein and Bill Prudich's very special dog 
Jake brought joy to all during his life. He was a special animal and we will never forget him.


OPUS . . . Beloved Golden of Charlotte Blazei   
Opus, a beautiful, gentle, loyal soul who left way too soon. You will be remembered in spirit and in our hearts. 
Love, Arlene and Maggie


MILTON F. OTTESEN . . . Beloved Father of Marnie Delano 
Along with her Golden Teddy, her dad was the most favorite man in her life. 
— With sympathy, Mary Jane Rizzella  

In memory of a great man and loving father. 
With sympathy, Nora Wilcox

SKYE . . . Beloved Golden of Nancy Lanigan  
We will miss our dear Skye. 
Love, Grant, Hope, Rudy, and Ivy

BERNICE LESSER . . . Beloved Mother of Gary Lesser 
In memory of Bernice Lesser, beloved Mother to Gary and Mother-in-Law to Rochelle. Loving Grandma to Ollie, Darcy and Alfie. May you rest in peace.   With much sympathy, Nora  Wilcox and Mary Jane Rizzella


HOPE . . . Beloved Golden of Nan Schramm and Eric Damophousse 
In loving memory of Hope, a valiant 9/11 survivor. A true Golden Angel.  
With much sympathy, Nora Wilcox and Mary Jane Rizzella


LOGAN . . . Beloved dog of Pamela and Michael Patton 
In loving memory of Pam's Logan. He was her boy, followed her everywhere, and always wanted to make Pam happy. When Polar came into Pam's life, Logan understood that Pam could love two boys equally. Logan gave Pam the gift of unconditional love. Pam's unselfish gift to Logan was an easy, peaceful trip to The Bridge. 
Nora Wilcox & Mary Jane Rizzella


WOLFGANG  (WOLFIE) . . . Beloved Sleek Black Cat of Mary Jane and Mike Rizzella 
Wolfie was a fighter and lived to be 16, despite being FIV positive, blind, and diabetic. Mike and Mary Jane gave him the best of care, and enabled him to live the long wonderful life he did. Wolfie knew how much he  was adored. He is greatly missed, and Mike and MJ cherish all the special memories they hold in their hearts.   Nora Wilcox


KODIAK (KODY) . . . Beloved Newfoundland of Emmie Lou and Ron Tucker
In loving memory of Emmie Lou's precious baby boy Newfy, Kodiak. Of all the dogs Emmie Lou has loved, Kody was truly the sweetest. He will be deeply missed. Only 6, much to young. Kody knows how much he was loved and his gentle spirit will fill those beautiful woods where they took their walks together with Emmie Lou singing Kody's special song.   Nora Wilcox

BEAU (HOBO) . . . Beloved Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab of Emmie Lou and Ron Tucker
In loving memory of dear Hobo who died in his sleep at age 16 having lived a long and full life. One of Emmie Lou and Ron's fondest memories was the time their tiny black Terrier Mite, who used to chase Hobo, grabbed and missed, and only only caught hold of Hobo's tail. There they were, Hobo running flat out with Mite sailing from the end like the tail of a kite. Hobo was almost white, and Mite coal black, so it was quite a sight. Such wonderful memories. Nora Wilcox

HARLEY . . . Cherished Golden of Andrea Hanssen
In loving memory of a truly special Therapy Dog who touched the lives of so many heroic soldiers. Harley was also a devoted companion, protector and friend to his beloved Andrea. Harley's work on earth is over. Now it is time to enjoy the company of his Dad . Rest in peace, Harley.   Nora and Mary Jane
GUS . . . Cherished Golden of Mary Jane and Mike Rizzella
In loving memory of Gus. Although we never met nor got to hug him, he touched our lives. Rest in peace Gus, until that day when we all will be united. 
Sheila and Bob Johnson

In loving memory of Gus, who was the bravest dog Mary Jane and Mike ever knew. This held true in life as well as death. Gus feared no man or beast, but was friendly to both. He knew how hard it was for Mary Jane and Mike to make the decision, so he did it for them. Gus couldn't have done it in a better way . . . peacefully in his own bed, at home with his Mom and Dad at his side. 
— Nora Wilcox and Pamela Patton

In loving memory of Gus, who will always be remembered as a kind, sweet soul.
— Cheryl Olvera

In loving memory of Gus, you were very special to so many people. Rest in peace.
— Lee Ann Moore

In loving memory of Mary Jane and Mike's beloved Golden boy Gus. He was well loved by all who knew him and some of us who never had the pleasure of meeting him. Gus will be sorely missed. We will all miss the beautiful pictures. He will be waiting at the bridge for his precious family. 

—  Love from Marie Welch and Kathy Harris Pippig

For Gus.
"He was not the sunrise, he was not the sunset . . . he was the sun." 
In loving memory of a very special Golden boy. Mary Jane and Mike gave Gus a home when he needed one. In return, he gave them years of unconditional love, devotion and joy! There is surely no better bargain!
— Ron & Jeannie Dailey

For Gus, a life well lived and loved, who will always remain in our hearts. Tears will eventually dry and smiles will return as your Mom and Dad remember the joy and happiness you brought to them over the years. We will miss you so, here on earth.  
Pat, Seamus, Kelly, Violet and Gus

MARY JANE RIZZELLA . . . Lover and Supporter of All Things Golden
A fighter to the core, Mary Jane was not one to go down with about a battle. But, sadly, cancer claimed another unlucky soul. Here is Mary Jane feeding her beloved Gus after one of his own cancer surgeries. She did so much to extend this lovely boy's life, adding on a few quality years for sure. And, she provided his story of hope for others. I surely hope that these two are together once again, giving comfort to one other.
Rochelle Lesser


FLOSS . . . Beloved Itty Bitty Kitty of Lily Cavanagh
In loving memory of Floss. Floss was so affectionate, she'd lay on your lap, and if you didn't pat her, she'd give you a nip as if to say, "come on, hurry up, pat me already!" Then she'd do the kneading with her little furry paws and purr away, rubbing her face against you. This sweet kitty was so deeply loved and will be sorely missed.
Love Nora and Mary Jane

BABY . . . Beloved little bird of Elise Kilgour
In loving memory of Baby. I am so sorry that you lost your companion. I know you miss him but he will always be with you in your heart.   Love from your daughter, Mary Jane
CALLIE . . . Adored kitty of Pamela Patton
In loving memory of a very special old girl who was deeply loved and cherished by Pam. They shared many years together and over that time developed a most unique bond. She will always have a very special place in Pam's heart. Rest in peace, Callie girl.  With our heartfelt sympathy and love, Nora and Mary Jane
LILLY . . . Cherished Golden of David Zawicki
In loving memory of Lilly, lost on January 17, 2007 to lymphoma cancer. She would have been seven years old on January 21st. Too young to leave so soon. She survived 16 months with chemotherapy. I love you Lilly. I miss you Lilly. You're in my heart, Lilly, forever.
CH. DONAMOR GOWRIELEA AUDACIOUS (AUDI) . . . Beloved Golden of Suzi Beber and Tommy Wright
A ray of sunlight has left Suzi and Tommy's lives to join the stars that light the evening skies. In loving memory of their Audi, who gave them joy every day for almost 14 years. Now Audi and Blues are together forever, dancing among the clouds.  October 29, 1993-May 12, 2007.   With deepest sympathy, Rochelle, Nora and Mary Jane
TIMOTHY BRUCE WELCH . . . Beloved son of Marie and Richard, brother of Dickie, Barbie & Debbie
March 16, 1960 to May 20, 1970. "Timmy is our sunshine, he makes us all happy." He departed this world much too soon but now the heavens are brighter because of his presence. A new star must have appeared in the skies the day he left this earth. 
With our love, Nora and Mary Jane
BRAD MASSEY . . . Beloved husband, father, teacher and friend
August 6, 1953 to May 13, 2007. In memory of a very special person who has touched so many lives. He will always be remembered with love. Mr. Massey's motto "Always do the little things right." was one he obviously lived by his whole life. Rest in peace, Mr. Massey. Sweet Home Alabama will now be playing for you forever.
With our deepest condolences and love to your family and friends, Nora Wilcox and Mary Jane Rizzella
BAILEY . . . Beloved Sweet Golden Boy of Denise and Allen Mann
November 27, 1998 to May21, 2007. In loving memory of Bailey, the healer of broken hearts. A piece of us went with you, Bailey.  And in our hearts you will always be.  — With our love, Mom and Dad
March 17, 1984 to March 17, 1984. In this world for only moments, but you will live in your mama's memory and heart forever. You are loved and missed greatly.  — With our love and heartfelt sympathy, Nora and Mary Jane
XYLA . . . Beloved Golden of Pamela and Mike Patton
May 1992 to June 14, 2007. In loving memory of a very grand lady who joined the Patton Household in 2001. Xyla was supposed to be passing through as a foster but she and Pam formed a strong bond so Xyla found her forever home. Many wonderful memories of Xyla will remain in Pam's heart. Rest in peace, dear Xyla.
With heartfelt condolences and love, Nora and Mary Jane
SASHA MARIE (aka Grandma Dog) . . . Cherished Cocker of Margaret Petracca and Judee Mattson
May 1, 1993 to June 13, 2007. In loving memory of a little girl who gave much love and joy to both her human companions. With our sincere sympathies and love, Mary Jane and Nora
MISSY . . . Beloved Golden of Marie and Harry
February 7, 1998 to June 24, 2007. Missy, a beautiful lady who lived every moment to the fullest. She loved camping trips, golf cart rides and patrolling her big yard. Most of all, she loved being with her adoring parents. She will be deeply missed but her memories will live forever in the hearts of her family and friends. Our deepest condolences go out to you.  — Love, Pam, Nora and Mary Jane

To share with you all the beauty that was and is, Missy. She is my furry niece, beloved by my spirit-soul sister, Marie and, the male in Marie and Missy's life, Harry. No deeper love could have existed than that amongst the three of them. And I, too, loved Missy! This is from the heart . . .  — Love, Kathy

GABRIEL'S GOLDEN WINGS (GABIE) . . . Beloved Golden of Cheryl Manley
September 27, 1997 to July 28, 2007. You gave me total unconditional love and protection. There is no greater legacy. I will miss you forever.
SAMANTHA LOUISE . . . Beloved Golden of Christi & Greg Downes
To our beloved Samantha Louise. May her sweet, gentle spirit stay alive forever in our hearts and souls. I'm blessed to have known and loved this special dog. She was such and absolute sweetheart and I will cherish the time that we spent together. "Grief is the price we pay for love." ~ Queen Elizabeth II  
Always in our hearts, Amy & Baxter
TACO . . . Beloved Golden of Joyce and Jim Lashley
In loving memory of Taco, beloved companion of Joyce and Jim Lashley of New Orleans. Taco was a 9-year-old rescue Golden who volunteered as a therapy dog with the Visiting Pet Program in New Orleans where he brought smiles to many residents of nursing homes for five years. He also participated in the Reading to Rover program by being a patient and enthusiastic listener to young children who practiced their reading aloud skills with VPP dogs at local libraries. Taco will be greatly missed by his devoted family and many friends.  — Linda Wegmann
'ASH' ASHLEY . . . Beloved Golden beauty of the Beall James family, Josh, Lynn and Tom
In loving memory of Ash. Always within our hearts.  — Josh, Lynn and Tom
POLICE K9 AUSTIN . . . Beloved Golden of Jim Minton
In loving memory of Austin, a brave and decorated hero. Learn about his wonderful life here.  
AMOS . . . Beloved Golden of David and Jill Westphal
Amos, what a special friend you were to all of us. Thank you for you friendship, you love, your kisses and your true passion for life. We know you were only here for a short time, but you knew what life was all about right from the start, and we can all learn so much from your sense of living. Thank you for being a true companion to your mama and papa, all your girlfriends will miss you so. XO Kristen
RIVER . . . Cherished Golden of Marc Pinto and Kristen Cancilla
Thank you for inspiring "Riverosa".  Cassandra and Steve McCasland
CARLY . . . Beloved Golden of Marti and Joe Brown
In loving memory of sweet Carly. Sending prayers for comfort and precious memories of the special times you had with her.  Kim, Ron, Julie, and June Hundley
MAGGIE . . . Cherished Golden of Arlene and Paul Mechetti
Maggie, our dear Golden+, you were the best and we still miss you desperately. You were all things Golden and then some. Slow licks, holding hands, that beautiful smile, soft ears, your joy in greeting us and our joy in being yours irreplaceable. We were the luckiest for receiving your most precious love, loyalty, trust and devotion. Rest easy until we meet again, sweet girl. Arlene and Paul Mechetti
RANGER . . . Beloved Golden of Amy and Jody Rohde
We are so lucky to have been loved by him and I will miss him with every fiber of my being . Brooke Adams
CHLOE . . . Cherished Golden of John and Suzanne Nobles
In loving memory of a very special Golden named Chloe, who brought beautiful unconditional love to John & Suzanne, to his "people sisters" Brittani and Aimee, to his maw-maw, Carol, and to everyone she came in contact with. We know she's now free of her cancer, and her pain, and is waiting over the Rainbow Bridge for all of us to join her someday. She blessed everyone she came in contact with! Carol and Henry Breal
MORGAN . . . Beloved dog of Christy 
In loving memory of Morgan, cherished friend and companion. Michele Gaguski
RAY . . . Beloved husband of Alrene Flynn 
Ray, you will be deeply missed by so many of us. You were a kind, generous, thoughtful, gentle man. You set the mark we strive to achieve in our relationships with others. Give our Maggie a hug. We love you. Lad and Arlene

Listings above provided by supporters of our Memorial Card and Memorial Garden Program